University of Monterrey wins award for social inclusion program|For the social inclusion program “University of Barrios,” the University of Monterrey (UDEM, for its acronym in Spanish) won the Excellence Award 2015, awarded by the Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (Naspa).

The project coordinator of the institution, Olga Esquivel, said that since 2006 training and skills development has been provided to vulnerable people, seeking that they can apply it in their personal and family life.

She said that the aforesaid association of student affairs of international higher education has more than 15 thousand members throughout the United States and in 25 countries worldwide.

The organization, she said, evaluates the experience in training students to develop committed citizens through the democratic participation in their communities, respect, learning and social responsibility applied in the campus and in the community in general.

“We share with this organization everything we have done during these nine years, in which we showed the service given to the community, the impact we have,” she said.

She added that “we also share the student’s learning, how they are capable of developing their social responsibility through the learning in the service.”

The plan offers the Certification Program in Community Strengthening and Intervention, which has six specialties: Human and Social Development, Family Development, Community Health, Prevention of Social Issues, Sustainability and Golden Age: Learning to grow old with dignity.

For granting this distinction, a group of international experts assessed areas such as the impact on the student learning, the relevance of the mission, the institutional applicability for student affairs, the participation and collaboration with academic affairs and other departments of the campus, among other things, she said.

She explained that each year the Naspa recognizes the outstanding contributions of the members that are transforming higher education through exceptional programs, innovative services and an effective management.

Naspa’s Excellence Awards cover eleven categories crucial to the success of students and continued growth of the student affairs profession.



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