UVM students design robot assistance and medical monitoring

Alternativo.mx | Students from UVM, San Luis Campus, designed the RAMM (Assistance Robot and Medical Monitoring) robot which is able to monitor and assist elderly, sick or people with some kind of visual or physical disability.Afeter winning the regional stage, the robot will represent this institution and Mexico in Multimedia Project and Robomatrix contest, to be held in October in Colombia, in the category Applied Robotics.

It was noted that RAMM has a displacement system, camera, LCD to display messages and communicate with the patient, as well as a pill organizer with alarm system, which indicates the time and the medication that the sick person should take.

Functions are controlled via Bluetooth, using an Android application to manipulate and monitor the patient remotely.

The robot has also temperature sensors and heart rate, the data are sent to a mobile application for the status of the patient.

In addition, the structure ofR AMM has a support system (walker) and features automatic height adjustment and a supplier of water and an automatic filling system.

Students commented that the idea of the robot came when they observed the situation that many people live with relatives in bed, sick or with disabilities and that they are not likely to have help to attend them or cannot hire a person or a nurse for care. (Ntx)

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